• Inventory Management — We enable our software by attaching RFID tags on each product delivered to the stores.

    Our cataloguing module captures the pictures, narratives, advert videos of each product, sizes, colours, and related product items. With these information captured in the RFID tag and database, it saves a retail shop tremendous time..... Read more

  • Mobile Shelf Price Management — Today's retailers need efficient ways to implement accurate pricing changes on the retail floor.

    We provide total package of mobile printers, mobile computers, RFID Reader, and durable media necessary to label products and shelves at the point-of-use—key to improving store efficiency and eliminating costly errors..... Read more

  • Administrative and production statistics — Configure the statistics you need to generate results concerning sales transactions, product consumption, manufacturing lead times, completed production, etc.

    BA offers manufacturing software designed for growing manufacturing companies who want to benefit .... Read more

  • Medical Supplies Tracking — Our solutions help hospitals gain better visibility into medical supplies and inventory levels.

    Employing Auto-ID ( RTLS, RFID, WiFi, GPS) and other sensor technologies, we empower hospitals to seamlessly track medical supplies inventory and distribution routes, lab specimen collections, medical supplies storage ..... Read more

  • Linen, Towel & Uniform Laundry Tracking — Our software knows exactly what items are in inventory.

    We provide RFID enabled solution to truly automate linen, towel, and uniform laundry operations such that you can identify, count, sort, track and maintain detailed and accurate information about every item of linen, towel, uniform and laundry ... Read more

  • We develop and implement software solutions for the operation of large screen and multi-monitor systems for an organization to manage signals, data and disseminate information efficiently and safely within a collaborative space. We can design and construct overview screens to suit ... Read more

  • Traffic Management System — We design and implement Freeway Electronic Tolling Platform (FETP).

    We help the traffic control departments of government to design, install and implement electronic vehicle registration for integrated traffic management systems. Read more

  • Oil Field Drilling Monitoring System — BA provides systems to ensure transmission quality for stations along longdistance oil & gas pipelines.

    We provide solutions to bring remote video surveillance and data acquisition to multiple wellheads scattered throughout vast expanse of land and sea where wellheads operate... Read more

  • YardSense is a yard management solution that provides real-time visibility into operations, security and safety of materials, personnel and assets in construction, warehouses, energy companies, mining, embassy, parks, large resorts, etc sites. The solution uses a combination .... Read more

About Us

"…enabling intelligent automation and seamless integration"

Business Architects Ltd(BA) is a firm of Systems Integrators with expertise in implementing solutions that manage and track workflows, goods, assets, and people resource in an enterprise. We harness the rich values in Software, Hardware, Real Time Location System (RTLS), Radio Frequency Identification (RFID), IoT, M2M, WiFi, Global Positioning System (GPS), Geophysical Information System(GIS), Cellular, Satellite, Automatic Identification and Data Capture (AIDC), Sensor and Measurement technologies to efficiently capture, track, locate, authenticate and manage enterprise critical resources and workflows for real time visibility, productivity and profitability of the institution.


We have our footprint in:
a. Retail - Retail Software, Inventory visibility, Supply Chain, Item intelligence, Omni-channel fulfilment, Clientelling, Cataloguing, Loyalty Programs, Business intelligence reporting;
b. Manufacturing - Manufacturing Process Software, Inventory tracking, Reusable transport item Management, Equipment tracking
c. Hospitality - Laundry Manager Software (linen, towel, uniforms, laundry), Asset tracking,
d. Transport & Logistics -Fleet Management Software (for Reefer containers, Heavy Truck, Vessels, Rails), Traffic Management
e. Oil & Gas - Well head, pipelines, mobile assets, people & equipment tracking, data acquisition & SCADA systems,
f. Healthcare - Medical workflow software, Healthcare inventory/supplies tracking, Medical device tracking, storage devices,
g. Command & Control Room - Control room software, internal furniture systems, video wall, displays;
h. Security Surveillance- IP Camera systems, Yard management, Maritime domain, Boarder Surveillance, Prisons, Campus, Government premises.
i. Product Store - Supply of Software, hardware and Accessories for efficient delivery of solutions.


Our expertise in networking, automation, computing, integration, and visualization, enables us to professionally integrate appropriate software, hardware and sensor technologies with enterprise ERP system in order to bring about real-time visibility, system efficiency, workforce productivity, accuracy in data acquisition, asset utilisation, item intelligence, machine to machine communication, etc. We implement and manage systems to ensure quick response to service requests, correction of process interruptions and maintenance issues, mitigation of risk and safety concerns real time, even in remote sites. BA teams have cross-industry experience, domain expertise and analytical base to execute complex projects and sharing of information amongst multiple users in a cost effective way. Our projects offer education, collaboration and intelligence to enterprise decision making, operations and output delivery.